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dr turlington tattoo removal

dr turlington tattoo removal

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dr turlington tattoo removal

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PicoSure laser doesn’t rely on heat or burning to get rid of tattoos like most tattoo removal procedures.
The PicoSure laser tattoo removal works by delivering short bursts of PressureWaveTM technology – a technology developed after decades of research by Cynosure – the industry leader for medical lasers. The patented picosecond technology is more hyper-focused than regular lasers’ nanosecond technology. The pulse width used in this picosecond laser is 100 times shorter than a nanosecond, which improves the results of the removal process. The PicoSure treatment aims this advanced laser into the ink that breaks it into tiny particles which are similar to dust. These particles are then absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally.

Compared with traditional nanosecond lasers, picosecond lasers require fewer treatments and are more likely to get rid of the most stubborn inks.

What can you expect when you go to San Pedro Laser Center for tattoo removal? The PicoSure procedure is similar to other skin resurfacing procedures in the sense that for ideal results it will require multiple treatments. Each session typically takes 10 to 15 minutes and most patients report only mild pain. How many sessions are required depends on the size, color and age of your tattoo, but most tattoos are completely removed within two to six sessions.


At San Pedro Laser Center, we further reduce pain typically associated with tattoo removal by using nitrous oxide during the laser procedure.
The low dose of NO2 will make the process virtually painless, easy and convenient. It is up to you if you would like to use the nitrous oxide during treatment.

Compared to traditional laser tattoo removal treatments, which typically take six to 12 laser treatments for completion, PicoSure offers a quicker and easier solution. Side effects are minimal, and you’re able to return to your daily life immediately after treatment. This is great news for people who are keen on the idea of “lunch break tattoo removal”. You also won’t be required to cover up the area after treatment.


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What’s also great about this treatment is that it doesn’t damage the surface of the skin, so unlike other types of lasers, patients can apply makeup, moisturizers and sunscreen immediately if they want. Being able to apply sunscreen so soon afterward is an important consideration, as it mitigates the risk of sunburn and sun damage, which is often worsened after laser treatment.

It’s safe for all skin types!
Zap away all tattoo inks colors!
The treatment is recommended for erasing multicolored, black, and previously-treated tattoos.
PicoSure also effectively removes the most stubborn recalcitrant tattoos. These are the tattoos that, no matter how many times they’ve been treated, just won’t disappear. PicoSure lasers break up the residual ink colors, especially those super stubborn black and green inks, and difficult scarring on the surrounding skin for a clean result post-treatment.
One of the most mentioned reasons among our clients for why they want to remove tattoos is the hope of setting a good example for their children. The Tattoo Removal Program is often the first service that brings people to Homeboy Industries. Many find the first step in leaving gang life is recognizing that gang-related tattoos are unwelcome in the workplace. From there, people learn of our comprehensive wraparound services and often take advantage of other offerings such as mental health, job development and GED tutoring.

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